Al-Lahoun and 

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Al-Lahoun Pyramid

Al-Lahoun and Hawarra are mud brick pyramids located near the Faiyum Oasis. Originally, Al-Lahoun and Hawwara, were cased with dressed limestone blocks "keyed" into the base.

 A criss-crossed portion of the interior limestone blocks can be seen from the outside.


 The entrance to Al-Lahoun, King Senusret II, (c 1880-1874 BC).


  The phragmites reeds used to join two mud-brick walls (every 4th course), at Al-Lahoun.

   A ground wasp's nest amid the mud-bricks


  A portion of the North wall of the pyramid's complex. Eight mastabas were to the right and a small pyramid is at the Eastern end.

 Pottery sherds were readily visible.

  Large stones, inside Al-Lahoun were lain in a cross-like manner and mud-bricks filled in the rest. You can see the top stones, from the inner chamber, sticking out on the 4 corners.

A broken mud-brick. They were about 1 foot long X 8 inches wide X 3 inches thick, with straw still visible.