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The Botanical Garden near Aswan

Note, all the Nile cruisers in the background. They're waiting for us to return.

 Typical falukas. Our mode of transportation to the Botanical Garden.


      The main entrance to the Garden.

  Just your typical, 7 foot high, poinsettia.

       There were over 70 different species of palms here.


A small tourist shop at the Gardens.

Then, bird watching.

Bird watching (with a crocodile thrown in), near Aswan, at the first cataract.

     Many ducks, geese, cormorants, gulls, herons, and even a few black ibis, were seen here.




The memorial, to commemorate the building of the Aswan Dam.



The Lotus Perfumery in Aswan

         Marilyn finds out that only the little bottles are the  cheaper ones. We spent money here!


The Basma Hotel in Aswan


  Our room was nice.

   The view from our patio.

  Hey, Val!!