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The Sofitel Hotel in Cairo. We arrived on Jan. 5th, the day after they celebrate Christmas in Egypt.

 We arrived bleary-eyed and bushy-tailed, at our hotel and toasted to a great trip with hibiscus juice. Now, for a good nap!!

    Christmas, in Egypt, is a little different!

   A lady of the evening, descends the stair.

  The inner courtyard at the hotel. Note all the satellite dishes on the roofs.

 We left, at 5:00 AM, for El-Gouna and the Red Sea.

We returned to the Sofitel Hotel, in Cairo, for 4 days, before returning home. During that time, we toured many sites accessible from Cairo, by bus. Below, are just a few of them.


We returned to Cairo and the Sofitel Hotel, on Sunday, the 14th, and took bus tours for our last 4 days.

The Mosque


The Anderson Mansion


The Coptic Church


The Hanging Church



The streets (and the bazaar) in Cairo





        We rode for about 4 blocks, took pictures, and returned.