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 Al-Lahoun and Hawarra are mud brick pyramids located near the Faiyum Oasis. Originally, Al Lahoun and Hawwara, were cased with dressed limestone blocks "keyed" into the base. (c-2055-1650BC)

  The Hawwara Pyramid, Middle Kingdom,  Amenenhat III, dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile god.  It was the last large pyramid built in Egypt. Note the armed guard to the left.

  Two defaced crocodiles, in situ, at Hawwara

The flooded entrance to Hawwara, another mud-brick pyramid.

Hundreds of ground depressions, thought to be granaries. Herodotus called this 15 acre area, the Labyrinth. These may be Graeco/Roman. Under the granaries were noble's tombs and crocodile tombs. Note the armed guard standing about 150 yards away.

The Carpet School

          On the way back to Cairo, we visited this carpet school where students are taught the old craft of hand-made carpets, one thread at a time. Whew!! are they fast!!??