Kom Ombo

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 The view from our boat, Solaris II, approaching Kom Ombo.

The 40 foot deep well at Kom Ombo, where the crocodiles were kept.

. A mummified Croc at Kom Ombo.

  On the right is the crocodile-headed Sobec. Kom Ombo is one of his cult centers.

  Kom Ombo is split in halves. One half is dedicated to Sobec, the crocodile god, and the second half is dedicated to the Ptolemaic kings.


  Panel with the surgical instruments and offerings on tables.

    Panel of a woman giving birth.

This panel shows a woman on the birthing chair. The table has a group of surgical instruments on it. Most of these are used, to some extent, today. The drawing dates to the the latter 1/2 of the 2nd century AD and is probably Roman.

Here's a close-up of the instruments.

     These 2 panels show a list of daily duties, the high priest must perform in the temple. Each day is described in detail. They are associated with and adjacent calendar. The Early Egyptian calendar had 12 months of 30 days each. The 5 left over days, were set aside for festivals. They didn't have a leap year. That came with the Greeks.

This, the underside of one of the lintels, shows the great color preservation.



  The columns, as the sun sets.

A wonderful evening, drinking with friends and smokin' the Houka, with the lights of Kom Ombo in the background (under the edge of the umbrella). It don't get any better than this!! 

           The music was good too.

  Marilyn and Larry take a drag, just to be sociable, of course.

  Under the umbrella, you can barely see the columns of Kom Ombo, flooded with light. What a back-drop!