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Memphis, near Saqqara (one of the earliest cemeteries), was the early capitol of Ancient Egypt's First Dynasty (c.3100-c.2890BC). The site continues about 4 miles along the desert edge. Burials are found there all the way up to the Ptolemaic Periods (c.664-c.30 BC)

 The sign board that greets visitors to the site.

An early granite sarcophagus. This one has the lid on the bottom and the main sarcophagus fits over that.

  A smaller statue of Ramesses at the site.

      The alibastar Sphinx at Memphis, was found laying on it's side It is quite deteriorated, on the left side.


The entrance to the museum.

     The statue of Ramesses II, at Memphis. It originally stood 43 feet high. His cartouche is on his right shoulder and there's a dagger in his belt with his cartouche also on his belt buckle. Use the people, in the photos, for scale.