The Bent Pyramid

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The Bent Pyramid

 The bent pyramid still retains many of it's original cap stones. It's called the Bent Pyramid because it was constructed 1/2 the way up when it was noticed that the pyramid's angle was off. They adjusted the angle at the 1/2 way point, giving a "bent" appearance to the structure. It was built by Sneferu (c.2613-c.2589 BC).

 An old entrance.

  I had originally thought that the pyramid stones were only fit exactly at the edges but this shows how they are fit very tightly, not only at the vertical surface, but also throughout the entire horizontal surface, as well.

 Looking at the exterior cap stones from the bottom.

 Here, you can see the pyramid's base with the corner of the first course in the foreground and more of the first course in the background. Sometimes there were wooden "keys" notched into the base and the first course but it can't be seen in this picture.

  Michelle, for scale.

  The guards made us feel safe and provided photo opps, at the same time.