The Red Sea

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We boarded the May Flower in Hurghada (background) and headed out for a day of swimming, snorkeling, and sun bathing.



The Red Sea is gorgeous!

           The beach, where us amateurs went snorkeling.   Larry saw about 8 different species of fish and lots of coral in the crystal clear water but it sure was cold. The Sea is also extremely salty.

             Here's where the more experienced snorkelers went out, for about an hour. You can see to the bottom, about 20 feet deep, or so.

        The captain and his crew having fun with towels, onions, soda bottles, string, and ink pens.

After disembarking, we wondered how we made it across that 1X8 inch gangplank, as it moved up and down, with the waves. It was choppier than it looks in the picture. The May Flower is the boat on the right.

    On the road to Luxor with our armed guard (in the seat in front of me, with a machine gun under his coat), and a police escort with automatic weapons. You can see our driver's reflection in the mirror on the windshield.

  Some of the agricultural fields along the way Lots of tomatoes, cabbage, onions, cauliflower, oranges, and bananas.