The Solar Boat

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   Some original rope and a mortised timber from the Solar Boat.

  A model of the boat, showing the intricate system for fastening the cedar logs together. Lashing them together with ropes, fed through chiseled grooves, insured the ropes would not be exposed to water.

   Joining 2 planks together a seat for one of the oars.

The cabin could have been used to ferry the pharoah to view the construction of his pyramid. There are also scenes  from the Valley of the Kings, depicting Re, sailing with the departed pharoah, into the Afterlife, in a sacred boat. The construction of this cabin allows for movement.

    The Solar Boat is 141 feet long by 20 feet wide, with a very shallow draught suitable, only for the Nile


 The boat was powered by 10 oars. There were 2 steering oars at the stern.