The Bent Pyramid

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    The Step Pyramid of King Djoser (c.2667- c.2648 BC) at Saqqara  It was made by placing a smaller layer of mastabas (burial chambers, usually built of mud bricks) over a larger area of mastabas until, the pyramid was completed.

Considered to be the first true stone construction, the the buildings that make up pyramid's complex, were built by Imhotep

. The roof of the main entrance is made to represent palm logs but these are made of stone.


   The area at the top of this wall is the hinge support for a massive (probably wooden) door.   There are 20 pairs of 1/2 engaged columns inside the entrance. They are made to represent bundles of reeds. Reeds were used in house construction during these early times.


        Pyramids from 6 different dynasties, can be seen from the Step Pyramid complex, including the Giza Pyramids

  The colonnade along the South end of the pyramid's courtyard. the Step Pyramid is to the left in this picture. The Heb Sed festival was held in this courtyard, to the left. The festival was held every 30 years and  the pharoah would run around the perimeter of the courtyard (probably representing the boundaries of Egypt) with the Apis bull. This ceremony would determine his right to rule Upper and Lower Egypt, until the next festival. The festival is shown at Hathetpsut's chapel at Karnak, Remesses II temple at Karnak, Amenhotep III's tomb at Thebes, and even the Ptolemaic temples like Kom Ombo. It appears, the the festival was held from the earliest periods to some of the latest.

Other, smaller pyramids outside the complex.