Tomb of the Nobles

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This is the tomb of Ramose, the governor of Thebes and visier under Amenhotep

(c.1390-c.1352BC). The tomb ceiling is supported by 32, heavily restored, squat, lotus bud, columns. The carved reliefs are of the highest quality. It is unfinished.

 Amr explains the delicate reliefs inside the tomb.

  Here, Akhenaten and Nefertiti reward  Ramose with gold collars.

  Female mourners wail at the death of Ramose.

  His funeral procession with funerary furniture being carried into the tomb. Notice the expensive wigs and clothes, worn by the women. No doubt, the height of fashion at Thebes, at the time.


This is an unfinished panel showing how they transferred pictures from small drawings. Note the grid (in red) on the walls. This allows a small picture to be transferred to a large wall, retaining it's original proportions.

          The delicate releifs. A closer look.