Valley of the Artisans

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This is the tomb of Sennedjem at Deir el-Medina. Sennedjem, or "Servant in the Place of Truth",  was one of the master craftsmen of the time but they're not sure what craft he did. His tomb paintings, however, are some of the best in Egypt.

   Some of the more modern construction includes clay jars in the walls. We saw this in a few different places, in Egypt.

  The entrance plaque for Sennedjem's tomb.

   Anubis, a funerary diety.

 Osiris presides over Sennedjem's tomb, while the eye of Horus, and fetishes of Anubis ensure his resurrection. Some of the funerary offerings can be seen in this pic.


  The tomb of Anherkha at Deir el-Madina.   


     Other tombs in the Valley.

Taking a breather after ascending the steps from the tombs. Whew!!