"If, at first"

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(All photos by LK)


  Here we are cutting the 67lb. block with a diamond blade after it was laid out using a stencil of the original celt. Special thanks to Dr. Tim Pauketat and the University of Illinois for tracing the original and sending the stencil to Larry so he could replicate the celt.

 The cuts were made on one side and matched on the other side.

   Then the sides were hit with a hammer to separate them from the preform.


   The side template was used to get the bit and profile correct.


   Here's the bit after some grinding with a 4 inch grinder.


   Here's the celt after about 5 hours of work.


   Here's the preform ready to be pecked with a flint ball. Now, the real work begins. We're at about 25 lbs, here.

  The pecking is about half way done. It's enough so that the celt can be hafted in time to use it at the Evergreen Lake Knap-in, in a few days.