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 Larry's U-Tube Channel

  GENICULATE   Larry drills a geniculate bannestone.

  PJW'S ATLATL  Larry drills a bannerstone.

Carolyn's Shark Tooth Club  Added October 12th, 2012

2012 Morels

  Water-screening Micro-drills

Larry, getting the Don Crabtree award.

Larry's SEAC paper   Larry's bannerstone paper, delivered at SEAC, 2010.

Larry, using a stone celt, at Rabbit Stick 2006

Larry using a stone celt, on an ash log.

Turkey-N-Greece    Pictures of the Kinsellas, on their Turkey/Greece, tour.

Mastodon Clovises Assorted Clovises, in different stages of manufacture, for Mastodon State Park, MO.

Crisp Museum video on U-tube  

Devil's Hole over 450 pics of old Devil's Hole Knap-ins.

FLINT TYPES  Pics of different chert types (More to be added soon)

Larry's Pit House  A blow by blow account of Larry's reconstruction of a pit house from the Assembly of God Church site(11-S-926).

Flintknapping: Romancing the Cone This article appears in the Spring 2009 edition of the Cahokian.

The Atlatl World Open   1982-'83-'85-'86 

(Photo Ray Fraser, ) Larry's shark's tooth club, currently on display, at the Gilcrease Institute, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

 Missouri's Archaeology Month Poster for 2008 

Larry made as many tools and points as he could from a single 14 lb. nodule of Crescent Quarry Burlington. The link is to Pete Bostrom's site with larger photo resolution and better photography. The poster was used for the back cover of the Spring 2009 edition of the Bulletin of Primitive Technology No. 37. There's also a short article, about the project, on page 80.

Larry's Programs 

 Bulletin of Primitive Technology

  Yes, that's the axe Larry made for Dave Wescott, on the 20th anniversary of Rabbit Stick, and it's on the cover of the Fall, 2007 issue, # 34.

 Flintknapping, Art of the Ancients, 2008 Calendar.  

   2008 calendar Yep, those are two of Larry's points on the January, 2008 page.

  2009 calendar Larry's raw hornstone Clovis is on the left, on the April page.

  Larry won the 2008 Gregory Perino Memorial Award, at the Collinsville Artifact Show. It was given by the Illinois State Archaeological Society for the best presentation on experimental archaeology.

 The Cahokia Pit House Project   Some photos of the project.

  Cahokia Stockade   Information on the reconstruction of the stockade around the Callahan Pit House and the single post structure at the old Cahokia Mounds Museum, Circa 1983.

  HOW TO MAKE A STONE AXE Instructions for making axes and/or celts.

OUR EGYPT TRIP    Pictures of our trip to Egypt in January, 2007.

GREGORY PERINO memories of Greg

LETTERS FROM GREG (Letters from Greg)

(some of)   Ray's Letters

JOHN WHITE   John's classes at Cahokia Mounds

NEW Fecht Photos Bill Fecht photos, of old collections, from the 50s and 60s.

Woodhenge   photos of Cahokia's Woodhenge

The Cahokia Archaeological Society  

HEAT-TREATING Pictures and explanations of Larry's various flint heat-treating projects. 

Tammy Beane, potter  View some of her incredible work.

AXE ME NO QUESTIONS  Axes, Larry has made and used

To See Larry's article, "What Mystery? an answer to creased celts", go to: AXE ME NO QUESTIONS PG-2 That article was picked as one of the best for the last 25 years and was published in the 50th anniversary edition of the Central States Archaeological Journal.

RABBIT STICK and WINTERCOUNT   Some pics of the Rabbit Stick/ Wintercount Rendesvous

ATLASTATLATL  Larry's work with atlatls

LARRY'S KNAPPING  Some of Larry's knapped points and stuff

MICRO-DRILL HEAVEN  Micro-drills from the Cahokia area                      

HOE, HOE, HOE  Some of Larry's hoes and spades            

Banner Bash   Bannerstones, Larry's made

BLOOPERS   Larry's stupid stuff

SHARK'S TOOTH CLUBS  Up-dated with better photos and assembly

SPUDS  Battle axes?

The Kinsella Cabin  The log cabin where Larry was raised  Larry's wife, Marilyn's storytelling site.

Morels  Yummm  

FLOWERS AND BIRDS  Photography  

Ol Goats and Geezers    Larry's memorial page, for his mentors

The Kinsella Christmas cards, (all 27 years)

Larry's Links  Sites, we like

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