(up-dated 11/June/'09)

Following, are some of the photos Larry has taken over the years.

Our two tulip trees had thousands of blooms in 2009. Here's one of them

Our 2009 iris


Autumn '08

              Our batch of 2008 iris.


Here are some of the fall leaves Larry has photographed.      


Over the last few years a great horned owl has raised her chicks in an old black oak at Pleasant Ridge Park.


Larry took these pictures of a family of pileated woodpeckers while building a house within 20 feet of their tree. The tree was cut down after the birds left and Larry has the nest in his basement.

Larry loves spring wildflowers.                    



Some Indian pipe
 at the Alschied Rockshelter.

"How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck, could chuck wood".

A handful of coon.

      Iris, in the Kinsella garden, '07.



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