John White


(up-dated 1/April/09)

John White had been involved with primitive technologies for as long as Larry'd known him and that was about 30 years. The following pictures show John, in action during some of his classes, in the early to mid '80s. The classes were held at the old Cahokia Mounds Museum, in the reconstructed village area.  Mic-mac style pipes were made in the class, pictured below.

Marilyn's tribute

John's pipe-making class

   Cutting the soapstone with a saw.  

 John drilling a pipe.

  Larry drilling his pipe with flint tools. The pipe is in a make-shift vise to hold it, while drilling.

  Some of John's pipe collection.    The pipes made by the students.

    (Photos courtesy of the Cahokia Mounds Museum Society, from The Cahokian 1987.)

John's pottery class

. Meeting with the class to discuss the day's activities.

John performing his "doughnut test" to find out the quality of the clay. The clay was taken from the vicinity of Pleasant Ridge Park, in Fairview Heights.

        Constructing the pots.

Placing the pots in the firing pit.    

    Firing the pots.     

        Removing the pots from the pit.

Ella's (John's wife) fiber class.

       Ella's in the blue shirt and John is off to the left.

John's arrow-making class.   



      John teaches the technique for cracking out the shaft to accept the point.