(up-dated 9/May/2013)

For the best site on lithics go to:

For Marilyn Kinsella's (Larry's wife) site, see:

For a great wildlife artist, see:  S. A. Walton studios

For info on Illinois Archaeology, try:  The Illinois Association for Advancement of Archaeology and/or Powell Archaeology and/or The Center for American Archaeology 

For the best Morel mushroom site, visit: Morel Mania

For survival skills, see: Mountain Mel

For pics of primitive gatherings, see: Roadkill's Pages


Check out Cahokia Mounds at: Cahokia

Doug Dahl   the arrowhead guy

Mark Bracken's site: flintknapping tools

Primitive Technology, try:

Fabulous Flintknapper, Greg Nunn, try:

Check out the Stone Age Fair in Loveland Co.

Here's some great supplies:

More supplies: Eric's Rocks

A great abo site:  Primitive Ways

For innovative pine-needle basketry, see: Cano's creations

Check out this great potter:

Dr. Mike Fuller's sites on Archaeology click on "Public Archaeology"

Visit 9-finger's site at: 9 fingers

Try this U-tube link for a fluting jig;

Marty's Clovis punching video on U-tube:

Lord's knapping from the UK: