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"Couldn't learn more with a time machine" another

"The BEST presentation I've EVER attended, in ANY elderhostel, on ANY subject" another

"Passion is exciting to watch- Larry let us into his world" another

"Such enthusiasm, such skill, such knowledge all presented in an interesting and understanding way" another

"What a wonderful addition to our seminar! What a team you are! Marilyn, you're an amazing storyteller! Having you here to begin the seminar, couldn't have been more perfect. Larry, your knowledge is captivating! Stories-N-Stones will be remembered by all." another

"Your enthusiasm and excitement for experimental archaeology, comes through loud and clear" another

 Larry's program was: "Fantastic! held our attention every minute." another

"...this was unexpectedly interesting. I had no particular interest in the material , but Larry held my attention for the allotted time, and more".  another

"...super duper stuff" and another

There are program listings, for 2008, at the bottom of this page.


Center for American Archaeology.

(Photo LK)

The thumbnail above shows Larry's set-up for his programs. New items are added every now and then.


(photo LK)(Photo, Jan Finch) (Photo Dave Cox) (photos Janet Snyder)

 Larry presents hands-on programs in experimental archaeology to schools, libraries, and civic organizations around the country. He offers classes in spear-throwing with the atlatl, flintknapping, cordage, and pottery.  He also offers  classes to introduce students to other primitive skills. Larry stresses that primitive skills are not only attributable to Native Americans but are also part of the heritage of all of us. Somewhere in the past, our relatives also used and practiced  these ancient crafts.   


(PhotoLK)Larry can adapt programs to fit  your specific needs.

Here's some from 2010:        


To contact Larry for more information or to book a program, write to:                        

or call: (618) 397-1377

(Photo LK)

(Photo LK)  This is Larry's set-up at Emmanuelle Lutheran school in Wentzville Mo. The students (grades K thru 8) are ready to make arrowheads. Larry has provided the flint, pressure flakers, knapping boards (some with shoe soles attached), and safety glasses. Larry also supplies small plastic zip-lock bags for the students to use to keep the arrowheads from cutting a hole in their pocket on the way home.

(photo LK)

 Here, Ft. Zumwalt South Middle School (O'Fallon Mo.) students  make cordage from cattails.

(Photo LK) 

 An incomplete cattail cord.

(Photo LK)

Larry, also does cordage with your school colors. In this case, red and white for Ft. Zumwalt. Cords can be made from natural fibers such as jute or stinging nettle. The cords can be completed in about 1/2 hour per class (30 or less). Add 30 minutes to the stinging nettle class for fiber preparation and Larry needs to have enough nettle on hand, so check on it's availability.

(Photo LK) 

Throwing a spear with an atlatl at Ft. Zumwalt South Middle School. Spear throwing with an atlatl can be accomplished in about 1/2 hour per class with about 25 to 30 students per class. A field (30 yards X 100 yards) is needed for this program.

(Photos LK)  

                        Some of the arrowheads made by students from Ft. Zumwalt South Middle School, during the 2007 classes. The plastic bags are used to carry the arrowheads home, to prevent cutting holes in pockets.

Here's some from 2010:    


Flintknapping at FT. Zumwalt. Larry offers flintknapping classes so children can make their own arrowheads. Larry provides all tools, materials, safety equipment, and instruction. This program takes from 1/2 hour to 1 hour per class and is dependant on the availability of flint chips for the students to use. So, give Larry early notice if you'd like this presentation.


  Larry, and     Marilyn, at Starved Rock State Park, Illinois, after presenting Stories-N-Stones.  25/March/'07

Larry, along with his storyteller wife, Marilyn, have created a program that combines ancient stories with experimental archaeology. Marilyn's part of the  program consists of stories where stone tools are used. Larry's section explains how the tools, mentioned in the stories, are made and used. Marilyn returns after Larry is through and tells another ancient story. The program takes about 45 minutes and a 15 minute question-and-answer period is advised. The Kinsellas have performed "Stories-N-Stones" over 80 times and would like to present this unique program to your organization, school, or library.

Stories-N-Stones variations:

2002-S+S Regular (Stories containing artifacts and explanations of the artifact's use)

2003-S+S Along the Reading Trail  (Lewis and Clark emphasis)

2004-S+S Bringing the Light (Spider Woman brings fire and different ways to make fire without matches)

2005-S+S Ishi, Last of the Stone Age Superheroes  (The story of Ishi and his primitive skills)

2006-S+S Survival on Book Island   (Robinson Crusoe and Survival Techniques)

2007-S+S to Woodhenge and beyond  (Star stories and the reconstruction of Cahokia's Woodhenge)

2008-S+S  "The Games the Ancient Ones Played"  (Ancient games and their archaeological evidence)

2009-S+S "From Little Egypt to big Egypt" (Similarities and differences between Southern Illinois and Egypt)

2010-S+S " Our Odyssey to the Iliad" (A glimpse into the archaeology and stories of Turkey)



Contact Larry at:

Larry’s Programs on Archaeology, flintknapping,

and experimental archaeology

(Many more dates will be added as they are booked)



23)                                            Veteren's Curation Program                `                                                           10:00 to 3:00

31)                                            Washington University Experimental Archaeology class               2:3--4:00                  



3)   Eagle Fest                            Kaskaskia Lock and Dam                                                                                     All day

10th thru 18th)                            Wintercount, Florence AZ.


7)                                              Crestview Middle School       Babler State Park, MO.                                                    All day

17)                                               Boy Scouts @ Camp Levi                        Godfrey, IL                                                All day

27)                                                   Sparta Science Night @ Sparta grade school, Sparta, IL                                           5:30-7:30



5)                                                Crestview Middle School            Babler State Park, MO                                        All day


12)                                Knapping Class @ Cahokia Mounds, Collinsville, IL.                                                                Noon til 4:00

19)                                Missouri First Capitol, Children's Festival, St. Charles, MO.                                                        10:00 to 3:00

20)                                    Kid's Day, Cahokia Mounds, Collinsville, IL.                                                                        11:00 to 4:00

20)                            Introduction @ Todd Hall, Columbia, IL.                                                                                6:30 PM

21)                            Stories-N-Stones            Todd Hall,Columbia, IL.                                                                    6:30 PM

23)                            Experimental Archaeology            Todd Hall, Columbia, IL.                                                   6:30 PM



May 31st thru 3rd) Devil's Hole Knap-in   Fairview Heights, IL.                             Start: Noon of the 31st     Stop: 5 PM of the 4th

9)                                PARC fundraiser, tours of digs                                                                                            All Day


14)                                Kampsville Archaeology Day, Kampsville, IL.                                                                        9:00 to 4:00


4) Archaeology Day                        Cahokia Mounds, Collinsville, IL.                                                                10:00 to 4:00  


7 to 16)                                                    Rabbit Stick    Rexburg, ID.


5-6-7)                                                    Moundville with CMMS