up-dated 28/April/2010

2010 set a new worst morel season record with only 139 mushrooms. The next worse year was 2006 with only 220 mushrooms found. Larry got some good photos, however.

To Morels, 2011




  (Photos by Tim Flynn)   The 43rd annual Kinsella Mushroom Fry. May 3rd, '09

Can you find the 7 morels in this picture? They are the first of the 2009 season. 

They're at the ends of the red lines.

7 more gray morels.


 First of 2008       Some good finds for  2008


 Frying 'em up at the 41st Kinsella Mushroom Fry, '08.          

Above, about 30 of the 80 people attending the 40th annual Kinsella Mushroom Fry. We ate about 700 morels in about 3 hours. Good food, beautiful weather and good friends. It don't get any better than that!!

200 under one tree

Here's the first of 2007, Happy Hunting, everyone!!

Found 29/March/'07

Here's some of the first batch of yellows found on 3/April/'07

Found these on April 23rd, 2007

 3 morels "in situ" 23/April/'07


(Photo LK)

The first of 2006

The 2006 season was the worst on record. Larry's count was 220 mushrooms. His normal count is 2,000. There was plenty of warm weather but no rain. Let's hope for a better season, next year.


(Photo LK)

(Photo LK)

 We didn't get many last year (2004) but there were some big uns.

(Photo LK)

This is a picture of the 2003 Kinsella mushroom fry. It was held in the basement garage because of heavy rain. About 75 guests ate approximately 1,500 morels in 3 hours.

  (Photos LK) 

Sometimes, Morels are hard to see until you uncover them.

(Photo LK)

1997 was a pretty good year and Larry found these under a dead elm, on a North-facing hillside, at the end of the season.

(Photo LK)

Sometimes, they hide near violets.

     (Photo LK)  

                                             Here's a nice batch.