(up-dated, 24/March/2016)

Tooth #1 (back, un-drilled)  Tooth #1 (front, un-drilled)

4.5 cm. long by 3.3 cm. wide

Tooth #1 (back, drilled)       Tooth #1 (front, drilled)

It took 4 minutes, 23 seconds to drill this tooth using a Burlington chert micro-drill, hafted into a piece of river cane (Arundinaria gigantea). It was hand-drilled.

   Tooth #1 (in hand, back)      Tooth #1 (in hand, front)

Tooth #1, after grinding and notching:



 This is the micro-drill, used to drill Tooth #1. This picture was taken after the drilling had been completed. The tooth was ground at it's base, to fit the walnut club. This took 2 minutes-38 seconds. Notches were cut into the edges, at the base of the enamel, using a chert flake. It took  3 minutes-14 seconds  to make the notch. Total prep time for tooth #1=10 minutes-15 seconds.

This is the hole, to accommodate Sharks tooth #1 (front side). Drilling the walnut handle to accept tooth # 1, took 8 minutes-30 seconds.

This is the back side.


The Burlington chert micro-drill, used to drill the hole in the club, for tooth #1, after the drilling was completed..

  Both sides of the burned shark's tooth, found by Perino, in Mound 34, at Cahokia, circa 1955.

  Two burned shark's tooth fragments from recent on-going excavations, at Mound 34, Cahokia. All of these specimens show alterations to the tooth dentin, to facilitate hafting. The teeth from the 1949 Perino club were NOT burned and the dentin rotted away.

Here are the original shark's teeth from Perino's 1949 club.       


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