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Potter, Tammy Beane (right), explains her technique to a visitor at Dillard Mill's, Dillard Day, 2006. The mill is in Crawford Co. Mo.

Tammy is an excellent replicator. She can use both primitive and modern techniques to achieve stunning results. Some of her work is shown here and below. This page shows just a few examples of her work but she's done hundreds and hundreds more.

Last year, Tammy demonstrated her craft at the Southeastern Archaeological Conference, in Little Rock, Ar.  Nov. 9th, 10th, and 11th.

 She also demonstrated her craft at the 2007 Southeastern Archaeological Conference. November 1st thru the 3rd, in Knoxville Tn.

For more information and to see Tammy's firing technique, go to:



Tammy's husband, Larry, is now selling mica cutouts and they look great!!

(Photos by Larry Beane)


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One of Tammy's larger, Ramey incised, Mississippian vessels.

  Other Mississippian style vessels.

  Replicating a vessel from  a prehistoric sherd.

  Another replication from a large sherd.

  Some of Tammy's intricate replicative work.

   (Photo LK) This turtle effigy pot is a replica of one found at the Roden site in Oklahoma. Larry dug at the Roden site and Tammy replicated it, for him.

    (Photo LK)  Here's a couple of utilitarian pots made for Larry.

Here's some of Tammy's more recent work.

(photo L Beane) One of Tammy's contemporary pots.

(photo L Beane)  Her Lamar Bold Complicated Stamped bowl.

  (photo L Beane) A group of Tammy's Moundville pots.