(up-dated 18/Dec./2011)

       Woodhenge  archaeologist, Dr. Warren Wittry, making observations from atop the center post in 1980. This was when telephone poles had been set into the Solstice,  Equinox, and center pole positions. The telephone poles were removed in 1985, they were replaced with cedar and black locust poles, and the circle was completed except for 6 or 7 posts (on private property), on the Western edge.

Winter solstice, 2011


      Autumnal Equinox 1980 w/Dr. Warren Wittry.

 Cahokia Mounds volunteers, after setting the center post circa 1985. On their way back to their cars, after the ceremony, a lightening bolt bounced off a large cottonwood nearby and struck this center post.

 Winter Solstice 1985 from a different angle.

    Winter Solstice 1986

      Autumnal Equinox 1987.

       Winter Solstice '01.

     Winter Solstice '02.

      Winter Solstice '03.

     Summer Solstice '04.

   Summer Solstice, date unknown.


 Winter Solstice '05.

    Summer Solstice '05.

  Vernal Equinox '06.


   Vernal Equinox '07.

       Summer Solstice, "07.


     Autumnal Equinox '07.

          Winter Solstice '07

     Vernal Equinox '08 (Too many clouds this time)

           Summer Solstice '08

      Autumnal equinox '08. No sun that morning but it showed up about 8:00 AM.

        Winter Solstice '08. Wow! this was a cold one. It was 7 degrees with the wind blowing from 15 to 25 mph but the sky was clear and the sun showed up.

        Vernal Equinox '09. The sun was about 5 minutes too late this morning but at least it was only 48 degrees.

        Summer Solstice '09.

    Winter solstice 2010 Saw these turkeys, near Sand Prairie Lane, on the way to get breakfast, at Bob Evans.

            Vernal Equinox, 2012