The Atlatl World Open 1982-'83-'85-'86

Banner Bash

(up-dated 19/Dec./2017) 

    (Photos by Julie Morrow)  These are photos of the atlatl with a geniculate bannerstone, Larry made for his good friend, Julie Morrow. Julie was kind enough to send Larry these pics for the site. Larry will try to explain the function of the geniculate bannerstone in another post so, stay tuned!


An unusual atlatl hook from the personal collection of Percy Atkinson, of Southern Illinois.


Larry shows some of the atlatls he's made over the years. Here, Larry shows his prize-winning stance at the 2004 Evergreen Lake Knap-in.

Larry accepts the first place trophy at the Atlatl World Open, circa 1983.


    (Photos LK)

This is an atlatl Larry made for Graham Cave SHS. in

Missouri. It's an Indian Knoll style with a bannerstone.

For more on bannerstones, try BANNER BASH

These 8 atlatls were made for "What Killed the Megabeasts" which aired on the Discovery Channel, August 18th, 2002. (Photo LK)



                                         (Photo LK)

This is the atlatl Larry used when he won the 1983 World Atlatl Open in Saratoga Wyoming. It's a simple walnut slab with a carved hook.   KISS: "KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID"

(Photo LK) 

 These two atlatls were made as a wedding gift for friends of Larry. After all, "The couple that throws together, goes together".


(Photo LK)


This atlatl is made from a deer ulna tied to a persimmon handle. It's glued with a mixture of hide glue and charcoal. It was used in the Discovery Channel specials "What Killed the Megabeasts" and  "Land of Lost Monsters". Megabeasts aired in August 2002 and "Land of Lost Monsters"  aired in late February, 2004.


 (Photo LK)  

This is one of four atlatls Larry made when he was asked to present an atlatl program at the Washington University Anthro. Dept. picnic in May. 2003. He had forgotten his atlatls and carved the cane ones in about 20 minutes with a pocket knife. He used some Illinois cane he was going to use to rope off the throwing area. They worked better than some of his old atlatls.


(Photo LK)

These atlatls were made for the Iseminger's 25th wedding anniversary.

They are the Indian Knoll type, with antler hooks and handles.


 This atlatl and dart were made in 2016. It has a Burlington chert point, hafted with asphaltum. It also has an antler hook and antler handle (also hafted with asphaltum). It's similar to the Indian Knoll type. The feathers are attached with pitch and deer sinew. The main shaft is reinforced with sinew, at the base, and at the foreshaft connection.





  Val's atlatl


 PJW's atlatl

Some 2016 atlatls.




Some 2017 atlatls.